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Tool Review: Sonic CV Boot Clamp Tool

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Tool Review: Sonic CV Boot Clamp Tool

Sonic Tools is a manufacturer based in the Netherlands, with a U.S. headquarters in Alabama. I admit that I only recently became aware of the firm. The width and breadth of their line rivals any of the major tool providers that you may have dealt with. From screwdrivers to pneumatics to tool storage and everything in-between, they make it. Their catalog is absolutely mind-blowing.

Total control

Choosing only one tool from their extensive line seemed insurmountable, but I decided to initially try a seemingly simple tool to start off, their CV boot clamp tensioner tool (P/N 805018). How can a band clamp tool seem interesting enough to review? That’s what I thought at the beginning.

This specialty tool is superbly designed for the task. Instead of relying on grip power to compress and cinch the clamp, no squeezing is needed. The design features a ratchet tension winding mechanism. Simply place the jaw tips onto the clamp and insert a 3/8-inch drive ratchet. Turn the ratchet clockwise (tightening mode) to easily and accurately squeeze the clamp tight to proper tension.

It’s obvious that someone invested a bit of time in the design of this little guy. The tool provides total control, with no hand-numbing stress. Once you begin to tighten, the jaws remain in place and tension is created as you tighten with the ratchet. It’s that simple. The fluted grip is easily unthreaded and removed if it’s in the way, depending on the access to the boot clamp, eliminating the need to, say, remove a brake caliper in order to gain access to the clamp.

I tried this out on a 2013 Kia Soul. The tool made the job so easy (and fun) that I was a bit bummed out that I didn’t have a reason to install more clamps on additional vehicles. The tool is designed to accommodate 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch clamp widths, and features a handy built-in cutter to cut a band to the appropriate length. Materials and construction are definitely rated for severe duty in a pro shop environment.

We’ll definitely take a look at a few of Sonic’s other tools in the future. By the way, they offer a way-cool and very extensive line of high quality tool chests and cabinets. While you may already have a favorite tool supplier, do yourself a favor and check out Sonic’s lineup. You’ll be amazed at the incredible variety.   ‚óŹ

Sonic Tools

(North American Headquarters)

480 N. Dean Rd., Suite H7

Auburn, AL 36830

844-40SONIC (407-6642)

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