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Audi Flap

This bulletin applies to 2006-2008 and later Audi TT models. One or more of the following DTCs may be stored in the ECM data memory:

  • P0642 (sensor voltage circuit A, low voltage)
  • P2004 (intake manifold runner control bank 1, stuck open)
  • P2008 (intake flap for airflow control, electrical malfunction)
  • P3137 (intake manifold runner control circuit bank 1, basic settings nor carried out)
  • P3138 (intake flap for airflow control, control difference)

The intake flap motor V157 or intake manifold runner position sensor G336 may be inoperative (both are included in one single unit).

If the part number of the actuator is 06F 133 482 (model year 2005) or o6F 133 482E (model year 2006 and later), no further work is required. These are the update part numbers.

If intake flap motor V157 (06F 133 482 or 06F 133 482E) is not installed, replace the intake flap motor and perform basic setting Channel 142.

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