Allpart Supply Offers Power Unit for Lifts

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Allpart Supply Offers Power Unit for Lifts

Allpart Supply has introduced an advanced-technology power unit product for two- and four-post auto lifts.

The power units are ETL tested and certified, pressure-balanced for high volumetric mechanical efficiency and contain a high-performance, pressure balanced pump for fast lift speeds.

The 12,000-lb., two- and four-post lift power units feature lowering flow control, a high horsepower and high torque electric motor, a fixed relief valve, and low-leakage design valves.

For a lift to operate properly and safely, it is important to know when to replace power units, the company notes.

The following are conditions that indicate the power unit must be replaced immediately:

  • Auto lift power unit will not pump – the unit runs but does not raise.
  • Auto lift power unit lowers on its own (internal leaking).
  • Power unit shows visible signs of leaking.
  • Power surge causes breaker to trip or fuse to blow.
  • Power unit is smoking or making unusual noises.

The following are recommended safety precautions to know about automotive lifts relative to power units:

  • Never leave a load on the power unit – It is not a holding device.
  • Do not overload garage lifts.
  • Always use locks.
  • Lower the lift slowly under heavy loads.
  • Make sure the oil reservoir is not overfilled; always maintain fluid levels at proper levels.
  • Do not use a power unit with faulty wiring.

For complete specs and more detailed information, see or click this link:

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