Two Master Pry Tools With LED Lights Are in GTE Kit

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Two Master Pry Tools With LED Lights Are in GTE Kit

General Technician Equipment’s (GTE) Master Pry LED kit includes two tools with precision edges for scraping and light panel separating, an angled wedge-profile tip, and a hand friendly textured grip surface to prevent the tool from slipping.

The kit number is P/N GTEDP1.

One tool features a straight edge tip for prying behind panel edges, while the other tool features a slotted “fork” tip for digging under clip heads. According to GTE, the tools are constructed of “military spec” polymer plastic.

With the press of a button, the built-in 30-lumen LED light activates and stays on until the button is depressed again (no need to hold the button to keep the light on). The light aids in guiding the tool in dark areas.

As part of the design, a tapered relief that starts at the light and tapers outward provides a path for the light, helping to concentrate the light towards the working surface.

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