Dayco AR Training now available on Dayco app

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Users of the Dayco Products VIN-scanning smartphone app can now utilize Dayco’s Augmented Reality (AR) Training created to help provide awareness about serpentine belt and timing belt replacement jobs and is accessible through the Learning Center within the Dayco App.

The AR Training is a three-dimensional training feature that gives users the ability to see when to replace a serpentine belt and what goes into a complex timing belt replacement job. This 3D training technology is accessible when users hold their smartphone or tablet over specially-designed Dayco counter mats.

When done so, the image of an engine comes to life through the use of Augmented Reality technology, creating a digitally-enhanced view of the engine. Dayco’s 3D training is available for both serpentine belt drive systems as well as complex timing jobs. If a user does not possess a Dayco counter mat, that user may still take advantage of the training through a video embedded within the Dayco app.

“Professional technicians and shop owners are constantly searching for new ways to educate consumers on the importance of preventative maintenance,” says Robert Christy, director of Marketing for Dayco.

“Dayco’s 3D training is the newest way we’ve added increased value to our training initiatives while following our mission statement, which is to be an innovative, technology-driven organization that provides valuable tools and service for our customers.”

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