Clore has new 12 volt battery maintainer

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Clore has new 12 volt battery maintainer

Clore Automotive Inc. has added a 12 volt 800m battery maintainer to its Charge It! Article line.

Clore says Model No. 4501 features fully automatic operation and provides easy battery maintenance to a wide variety of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and personal watercraft.

The Charge It! 4501 features fully automatic 12 Volt operation, and can remain connected for any amount of time, from overnight battery maintenance to extended maintenance of seasonal use vehicles.

In addition, the new unit’s 0.8 amp 12 volt charging rate deploys a multi-stage charging routine for effective, beneficial charging and maintenance of all size batteries.

Clore says Model 4501 also features a quick attach adapter on the output cable and includes two output accessory options, a clamp set output or ring terminal adapter output, enabling the operator to choose the option that works best for their application.

Model 4501 uses a simple LED status display for easy monitoring. The unit features reverse polarity protection, outputting power only when a proper battery connection has been made, to reduce the chance of operator error.

The new battery maintainer meets all energy efficiency requirements and can be sold throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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