Delphi crankshaft position sensor covers 13.6 million Fords

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Delphi crankshaft position sensor covers 13.6 million Fords


Delphi Product & Service Solutions announces a new crankshaft position sensor (PN: SS10875) covering 13.6 million Ford vehicles from 1991 to 2013, including Super Duty and E-Series.

Delphi says its crankshaft position sensor measures the speed and position of the crankshaft and transmits this information to the ECU. By monitoring engine RPM and direction, it ensures optimal engine performance. The sensors use the Hall effect, which can more accurately read speeds from zero RPM.

The crankshaft position sensors’ single-element design means they maintain optimal performance during drastic temperature changes, protecting the sensors over the long run. This design also ensures accurate readings from the gap between the sensor contact and element.

Delphi crankshaft position sensors are manufactured to meet or exceed OE requirements. They undergo certified electrical testing with industry EMI protection against noise interference and other sensor output from the vehicle.

The crankshaft position sensors feature enhanced sensing functionality, which reduces emissions, improves vehicle control and offers drivers greater reliability.

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