New integrated dealership program from Cactus Sky Communications

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Cactus Sky Communications, a digital marketing provider for the auto industry, has combined two products to create one integrated program to help dealerships reach the top of their markets.

Pot of Gold (POG) and eReputationBuilder provide everything a dealership needs to succeed in today’s internet age, says the company. Pot of Gold is a turn-key program that doubles a dealership’s internet closing ratio in 90 days or less. The average dealership has over 20,000 leads lying dormant in their CRM with only 5% of them turning into actual sales.

POG mines the other 95% of unsold prospects in a dealership’s CRM and re-engages them with special behavioral targeted email campaigns and intuitive follow-up responses. These include special offers and other enticements for sales and service.

EReputationBuilder generates online reviews by sending video emails to all sales and service customers from a dealership’s DMS. It leads them to the top review sites such as Google Local and Yelp to leave positive online reviews.

If for some reason the customer had a negative experience, they are given the opportunity to contact the dealer directly to correct the problem by the “not satisfied” form. By simply opening the lines of communication between the dealership and their customers, eReputationBuilder has successfully decreased the amount of unhappy customers.

“We strive to make our customers happy, but in the past there were many times we didn’t know about a problem until it was too late,” says Dug Dugger, general manager of Ourisman Chevrolet of Rockville. “eReputationBuilder enables us to respond to an unhappy customer immediately with the use of real-time notifications. This way, we are able to correct a problem quickly and more efficiently than ever before.”

As an added bonus, eReputationBuilder fixes inaccurate business listings across the web on business directory sites, location and mapping apps and boosts SEO with a simple click. Sixteen percent of auto dealerships are missing listings on major business data sites. This amounts to a 10.3 billion dollar loss in sales from missed online source opportunities.

“The full combination of Pot of Gold with eReputationBuilder is a natural evolution of these two products,” says Peter Martin, president of Cactus Sky. “Both programs access a dealership’s DMS to provide real-time sales and service reporting and send nightly follow-up emails designed for easy customer feedback and engagement.”

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