Universal Lubricants unveils new website

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Universal Lubricants unveils new website

Universal Lubricants’ website,, has been renovated using images and statistics that convey the company’s commitment to renewable energy and a sustainable future -- turning used oil into clean, high performance products.

The new website:

* is easier to navigate;

* provides more complete information about the company’s diverse, high-performance product lines;

* presents more detailed information about environmental benefits of reclaiming used oil and the Zero Waste Movement;

* and highlights the company’s sustainable packaging solutions.

Dedicated sections within the new site reinforce the company’s four core values: products, services, innovation and sustainability.

““Innovation results when things that are known are put together and reassembled in new ways,” CEO Jan Horsfall says. “That’s the essence of our closed loop process. It’s a self-contained, self-sufficient system in which we collect, re-refine, blend and service oil. It combines things our company has done exceedingly well for decades – blending and distributing new lubricants – with state-of-the-art re-refining technology and the kind of personalized, hands-on customer service that makes us unique in the today’s world of big oil.”

Universal Lubricants’ products are engineered and manufactured for all areas of industry -- heavy-duty construction, agriculture, long-haul trucking, manufacturing and mass transit. Its Dyna-Plex lines of hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, tractor fluids, greases and automotive coolants have been keeping engines running efficiently and profitably for decades, the company says.

Horsfall sees the new website as a foundation for a new phase of company growth in which it will refocus on these core strengths in the heavy-duty and fleet markets while continuing to position itself in the consumer market.

“We are expanding our sales force and adding to our management team,” Horsfall says. “In the near future we will be announcing some strategic moves in key markets that will further cement our leadership role in industrial services and new oil sales and distribution. We also are working to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs and optimize the sale of all of our refinery products. We’ve grown tremendously over the past several years and we plan to accelerate that by another 20% to 25% in the years ahead.

“Our Eco Ultra line of environmentally friendly oils is a tremendous conversation starter,” Horsfall continues. “Corporations have made great strides in responding to shareholder demands for environmentally responsible operations, but now many are struggling to find what they can do next. For companies with large service fleets and heavy-duty equipment, the answer is as easy as changing the motor oil they put in their vehicles. Our Eco Ultra products, made from our re-refined EcoClear base stocks, and their innovative packaging lower our dependency on foreign oil, reduce depletion of natural resources and eliminate waste material.”

Horsfall said the new website will play a key role in Universal Lubricants’ team educating and encouraging consumers to choose eco-friendly motor oils and to recycle used oil to protect the environment and the economy.

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