ProMax dealership software showcases interest rate savings

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ProMax Unlimited says the era of high-interest rates in a struggling economy is at an end. Gone are the days of 10-12% interest rate, and in are the days of low-cost and affordable loans. Many people are taking to car dealerships to search for their new dream car, with an interest rate to match.

With this new booming economy, auto dealers are in need of a competitive advantage to financial negotiations. ProMax Unlimited has teamed up with TransUnion to develop a tool that provides dealers with valuable details up front about their potential customer’s car loan.

Known for their cutting-edge technology solutions, ProMax has created a product that performs a soft-pull of a potential customer’s current car payment including: interest rate, how much they bought the car for, how many payments they’ve made, and how many payments are left.

“We are the first software company capable of extracting this data with only a name and an address,” says Shane Born, ProMax CEO.

“This new tool will give auto dealers a competitive advantage over banks because they will now know how to approach a customer and show them their savings by financing through them. It will dramatically help them close more sales.”

It is exactly what a dealer needs to illustrate a customer’s potential monthly savings. Instant Screen will put the information right at a seller’s fingertips and give them the ability to stay ahead of the game with information that once was only accessible by contacting the Credit Bureau.

This new product is just one of the many tools ProMax has developed this year for auto dealers. They continue to expand their suite of services including software solutions, lead generation, hosted websites, in and out-bound call tracking, credit and compliance, and more.
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