Permatex and Spray Nine brands covered in 2013 Product Catalog

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Permatex and Spray Nine brands covered in 2013 Product Catalog


The Permatex 2013 Product Catalog is a new, 88-page, full color product catalog that features the latest and most comprehensive coverage of advanced chemical products available for a wide range of maintenance, repair, and cleaning tasks.

It includes the most current additions and updates to both the Permatex and Spray Nine (specialty cleaners and disinfectants) brand product lines.

The new catalog, which features over 300 products, incorporates product descriptions, specifications, application data, and ordering information for gasket makers and sealants, threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining compounds, adhesives and sealants, specialized maintenance and repair, lubricants, cleaners and disinfectants, and hand care products.

Product selector charts are provided for key product and market categories, including: Gasket Makers, Gasket Dressings, Threadlockers, Complete Auto Care, Motorcycle Applications, and Heavy Duty Fleet Repair. Permatex also features OEM Interchange Charts for identifying specific product applications specified by both automotive and heavy-duty equipment manufacturers.

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