Arnott issued patent for airlines used in shock absorbers

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Arnott Inc. has been issued a patent for airlines used in mount and bearing air suspension shock absorbers designed for SUVs such as the BMW X5 and Range Rover.

US Patent No. 8,292,306 covers Arnott-designed airlines, which run through the upper mount and into the air spring's bladder.

The company says the new airlines have no external lines such as the nylon type used in the OE shock and are not as easily prone to failure. With the Arnott assembly, the internal airline has been machined into the head of the air spring to provide a direct passageway for compressed air to pass into and out of the airbag without using external tubes.

Arnott has also added sealing O-rings, which provide airtight seals between the moving parts of the air spring assembly. 

Located Merritt Island, Fla., Arnott designs and manufactures replacement air suspension components and kits for luxury cars and SUVs. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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