Lisle has a new multimeter accessory kit

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Lisle has a new multimeter accessory kit

Lisle Corp. has introduced a multimeter accessory kit (Article no. 82650) that is compatible with most multimeters and scopes with standard 4mm connectors.

The company says the kit consists of interchangeable probes for a wide range of testing possibilities.

The kit includes:

* 43-inch long 4 millimeter banana test leads with straight and 90-degree connections;

* test probes;

* long back probes;

* safety test probes;

* crocodile clips;

* female-to-female adaptors;

* male-to-female adaptors;

* small alligator clip with male banana;

* and split ring adapters.

A roll-up storage pouch to keep leads and adapters organized is included.

The accessory kit will be available April 20. For more information, visit

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