VMAC Designs Underhood Lite Air Compressor for Ford Transit Vans

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VMAC Designs Underhood Lite Air Compressor for Ford Transit Vans

The VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors) division of Mangonel Investments Corp. announced its Underhood Lite air compressor system is now available on the Ford Transit 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 Van.

The company says commercial vans such as the Ford Transit van are increasingly taking the place of light duty work trucks thanks to their fuel efficiency, low GVW (gross vehicle weight), storage space, and the ability to work inside a heated or cooled work area.

However, very little purpose-built tools exist for these vans, according to VMAC. The specifically designed Underhood Lite changes that by putting 30 CFM right on the engine of the van at a total weight of only 85 lbs (38.5 kg). The company says this is a mere fraction of the weight of most air compressors. Its size, weight, and ease-of-use make it a perfect choice for construction, utilities, and public works fleets.

The Underhood Lite addresses four problem areas for van operators when choosing an air compressor. 

1. It makes workers safer by creating a system that does not require the worker to haul large, heavy and dangerous equipment in and out of the van body. It also eliminates any threat of unhealthy emissions, and the potential for fires while filling up gas tanks inside the cargo area. 

2. It controls operating costs by reducing fuel consumption due to its lightweight nature; it has a lower price point than many comparable air compressors. 

3. It frees up cargo space because the system is installed on the van engine. 

4. It provides the right amount of power for the application. With 30 CFM at 100PSI (max 150PSI) of power, it can meet the needs of any job that vans are used for.

"The Underhood Lite air compressor for Ford Transit Vans is the first air compressor that is purpose built for this van,” says Mike Pettigrew, VMAC marketing manager.

Other Article features are: 

* Compressor Type - Belt Driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC Oil-injected rotary screw;

* Rated Air Capacity - 30CFM @ 100PSI (150PSI Max);

* Weight (wet) - Approx. 85lbs (38.6 kg);

* WHASP Tank - Combined oil cooler and air/oil separator tank;

* WHASP Dimensions - 17.5"(h) x 8"(w) x 19.75"(l), including oil filter;

* Mounting Bracket - Application engineered, easy installation;

* Throttle Control - Two speed operation (base and elevated idle);

* Displays and Controls - Easy to read hour meter, high idle speed adjustment; and

* Safety Features - Compressor thermal protection circuit; automatic rapid blowdown valve on tank; 200PSI overpressure safety valve; parking brake must be engaged and truck must be in park for the system to start.

The Underhood Lite air compressor system is backed by VMAC's lifetime warranty. For more information, visit

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