KrestoGT heavy-duty hand cleaners are gentle on hands

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KrestoGT heavy-duty hand cleaners are gentle on hands

Deb Group’s KrestoGT heavy-duty automotive hand cleansers remove heavy grease, grime, oil, adhesives, tar and paint, yet are fine-tuned to be easy on hands.

The complete KrestoGT Article line includes:

* Orange Boost and Cherry Turbo Heavy-Duty Hand Cleansers: Offer effective cleaning performance with natural smooth edge scrubbers and odor neutralizing ingredients. They are available in pump-top containers, flip-top tubes and cartridges.

* Power Wipes and Cherry Scrubbing Wipes: KrestoGT wipes clean hands fast and effectively when on the move or when water isn’t readily available. The Power Wipes are perfect for general shop use to remove dirt, grease and grime; while the Cherry Scrubbing Wipes take it one step further to neutralize petroleum odors on the hands and remove the heaviest of soils and substances like adhesives, sealants and tar.

* Paint Shop Heavy-Duty Hand Cleansers: This high performing formula removes the heaviest of soils such as oil-based paints, lacquers, adhesives, sealants and tar. Paint Shop is a safer, more effective option than using harmful thinners or other solvents.

* Wall dispenser: For added convenience, KrestoGT offers a sleek wall-mounted dispenser for use with all KrestoGT cartridges. The dispenser has a durable construction and is guaranteed for life.

“It’s no secret that working in an automotive setting like a garage or repair shop can be really tough on your hands,” says Michael Bogdanski, CEO of Deb North America. KrestoGT Articles help combat the issue of occupational dermatitis with skin-friendly, VOC/CARB compliant formulas that include natural, biodegradable walnut shell and cornmeal scrubbers. The formulations are skin compatible making KrestoGT Articles a safe and sustainable choice for automotive professionals.

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