Bosch’s High Pressure Fuel Pumps for GDI Vehicles Have Failsafe Feature

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Bosch’s High Pressure Fuel Pumps for GDI Vehicles Have Failsafe Feature

Robert Bosch LLC offers high-pressure fuel pumps for a variety of vehicles equipped with gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems.

The unique design of Bosch High-Pressure Fuel Pumps released for the aftermarket is based on a single-barrel, all stainless steel concept using a minimum of material and advanced manufacturing processes. They are equipped with an integrated pressure limiting valve as a failsafe feature to mitigate premature failure of the unit.

Engines equipped with GDI systems generate the air/fuel mixture directly in the combustion chamber via high-pressure injectors. Due to higher compression, injecting the fuel directly into the combustion chamber improves cooling and engine efficiency, and ultimately leads to increased fuel economy, torque and overall vehicle performance.

“The heart of the GDI fuel system is the high-pressure fuel pump. Its function is to generate the system pressure required for high-pressure injection,” says Stephen Albert, Article manager port fuel and gasoline direct injection systems, Robert Bosch LLC, Automotive Aftermarket North America.

Located off of the fuel rail, the high-pressure pump takes fuel supplied by a low-pressure, in-tank electric fuel pump operating at 65-80 psi and generates fuel pressure of up to 2900 psi (200 Bar) necessary for high-pressure injection.

“In this environment, the high-pressure injectors atomize the fuel extremely rapidly to provide the optimum mixture of fuel and air directly into the combustion chamber. This demand-controlled operation optimizes fuel efficiency,” Albert says.

“GDI system repair can be complicated at first but is not impossible,” says Albert. “With the help of proper training, application of correct procedures and the use of top quality components, automotive service technicians can properly diagnose and repair GDI system failures successfully,” he said.

Based on its decades-long R&D experience in gasoline direct injection, Bosch offers the aftermarket a comprehensive package of diagnostic tools, parts, training and informational videos to assist in the successful service and repair of GDI systems.

The company says an informative and educational website dedicated to Bosch GDI service concepts is scheduled for release soon.

Driven by strict emission laws and a growing demand for low fuel consumption, GDI-equipped vehicles are now increasingly seen on roads worldwide. “Currently, 42% of new vehicles manufactured in North America are equipped with GDI. By 2021, we estimate that approximately 72% of new vehicles that come off the Articleion lines will utilize a combination of port fuel injection (PFI) and GDI,” says Albert.

“Combining GDI with PFI delivers cleaner, quieter, more efficient engine operation. It reduces cabin noise for the driver at idle or during low-speed operation, and reduces carbon buildup to ensure better service life,” Albert says. “This is especially beneficial for high horsepower vehicles.”

Bosch offers high pressure fuel pumps for over 6 million domestic and European vehicles in operation in North America.

The company says Bosch High-Pressure Fuel Pumps for the aftermarket are manufactured on the same Articleion lines as its original equipment pumps, and feature OE-level form, fit and function.

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