Texas bill would decrease annual inspection and maintenance requirements

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Recently, Texas state Sen. Carlos Uresti (D-19) introduced Senate Bill 888 in Texas, legislation making extensive changes to the current state inspection and maintenance program for vehicles.

Under the existing state inspection and maintenance program, vehicles are inspected every year. The bill includes provisions requiring that the state inspection and maintenance program must apply to gasoline-powered vehicles between five and 25 years old.

This would change the initial inspection from two to five years for passenger cars sold in the state and not previously registered in Texas or another state. If this bill becomes law, it will take effect in September 2013.

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) opposes Senate Bill 888, which will harm consumers and the environment. ASA urges Texas independent repairers to contact their legislators and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 888.

To send a letter and view the full text of the bill, visit ASA’s legislative website at and click on the “Track State Legislation” tab in the left menu.

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