Dayco’s Vacuum Generation System Earns Honors From Plastics Engineers

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Dayco Products LLC has been recognized by the Society of Plastics Engineers for its Activac vacuum generation system for brake vacuum assist utilized in the Ford F-150, Lincoln Navigator and Nautilus and other vehicles. 

The honor was presented at the Society of Plastics Engineers’ 48th annual Automotive Innovation Awards Gala, where Ford, Dayco, MacLean-Fogg and DowDupont took the top honour in the powertrain category, as well as the grand award for innovation in plastics. 

Dayco says today’s forced induction engines cannot supply the necessary vacuum required for brake assist. This fact, combined with the need for improved fuel economy, decreased emissions and improved performance, drove the need for a fresh approach. 

Dayco responded to the challenge with its Activac vacuum generation system, which addresses the need for improved fuel economy and emission reduction by eliminating the parasitic losses associated with mechanical vacuum pumps, as well as through weight reduction. 

 Dayco’s patented high-performing venturi aspirator and flow control valve use the engine’s incoming airflow to generate the needed vacuum for brake assist creating a low and consistent brake pedal feel, even at altitude.  

“The system is a win for everyone”, says James Miller, director of Dayco’s valve and actuator technologies. “It ‘ticks the box’ in all major categories; lower cost, lighter weight, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and improved durability and performance.”

Miller also said that “the collaborative development, design, and manufacturing efforts by Ford, Dayco, MacLean-Fogg, DowDupont and other suppliers throughout the supply chain, made this new system possible.”  

Dayco’s Activac vacuum generation system, is not restricted to brake assist systems. It can be utilized with other systems that require vacuum, such as fuel vapor purge and crankcase ventilation.

Dayco’s global headquarters is in Troy, Mich. The company researches, designs, manufactures and distributes of essential engine products, drive systems and services for the automobiles, heavy duty, construction and agriculture industries. For more information, visit 

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