New Hofmann wheel alignment system is wireless

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New Hofmann wheel alignment system is wireless

Snap-on Inc.’s Snap-on Equipment division has introduced the Hofmann geoliner 790 Imaging Wheel Alignment System. The Article’s wireless communications eliminate connections between the camera towers and cabinet to allow for greater mobility and a variety of installation configurations in the service bay.

“The new Hofmann geoliner 790 provides accurate, reliable alignment results quickly and has a long list of useful features, including Articleivity-enhancing software, automated caster sweep, help videos, rolling radius, cross diagonal, A-arm adjust and EZ-Toe,” says Adam Brown, Article manager.

The Hofmann geoliner 790 Imaging Wheel Alignment System also features:

* automatic vehicle height tracking that allows the camera system to follow the height of the vehicle, eliminating the need to adjust the aligner when the lift is moved;

* user readings in under two minutes on a wide variety of vehicles and wheel sizes.

* comprehensive vehicle specification database, with frequent updates, that ensures shops always have the most up-to-date information to perform alignment jobs correctly.

Optional features include AC400 clamps that only engage the tire, eliminating the possibility for damage to the rim, according to the company.

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