ACDC is Offering Training for Electric Car and Hybrid Service

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ACDC is Offering Training for Electric Car and Hybrid Service

The Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC) is offering a three-day technician training class for electric vehicles and hybrids at its Worcester, Mass., training facility.

The class, to be held Sept. 5-7, 2018, is limited to eight people and costs $3,000 which covers:

1. three days of training,

2. all meals,

3. hotel costs,

4. pick up at airport,

5. your own hybrid to use for the class,

6. jump drive and notebook,

7. 330-page ACDC EMV book,

8. L3/intro to EMV book, and

9. 30 hours of online training.   

Students will drive, scan and learn the technical side of these hybrids and EVs:  

  • Prius I
  • Prius II
  • Prius III
  • Highlander HEV AWD
  • Camry hybrid
  • Ford Escape HEV
  • Honda Insight I
  • Honda Civic I
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Chevy Volt
  • Chevy Bolt

Topics covered will be what makes a hybrid different from a conventional car; safety, service, equipment needed and maintenance issues; HV battery systems; NiMH and Li-ion; electric power steering; DC-DC converter operations; three-phase motors; motor/generator controls; the inverter; Prius CVT and Volt CVT; regenerative braking; high voltage air conditioning systems; heating, other cooling systems; grid charging; electric cars and more.

Craig Van Batenburg, CEO, will be on hand to offer valuable tips and advice.  

To sign up, call (508) 826 4546. See 3 Day "Train-theTrainer" Class or for more information.

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