Amsoil expands Signature Series line with 0W-40 synthetic motor oil

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Amsoil expands Signature Series line with 0W-40 synthetic motor oil

Amsoil Inc. has expanded its premium Signature Series synthetic motor oil line by adding a 0W-40 viscosity designed for high-horsepower Chrysler and Nissan applications.

Formulated to withstand the stress and high heat associated with these engines, Amsoil 0W-40 provides outstanding wear protection and promotes engine longevity, according to the company.

Amsoil Signature Series 0W-40 reduces oil consumption and emissions while resisting thermal breakdown and viscosity loss due to mechanical shear. The company says it maximizes fuel economy and helps prevent sludge deposits to keep engines clean.

Amsoil Signature Series 0W-40 is recommended for Chrysler and Nissan applications calling for a 0W-40 viscosity and requiring the following performance specifications: API SN, SM, Chrysler MS-12633, MS-10725, MS-10850 Nissan GT-R.

Applications include (but are not limited to):

* Dodge Charger 6.1L/6.4L;

* Dodge Challenger 6.1L/6.4L;

* Dodge Viper 8.3L/8.4L;

* Dodge Ram 2500/3500/4400/5500 6.4 L;

* Chrysler 300 6.1L/6.4L;

* Jeep SRT Grand Cherokee 6.1L/6.4L; and

* Nissan GT-R 3.8L.

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