LIQUI MOLY launches BMW hypoid gear oil in the U.S.

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LIQUI MOLY launches BMW hypoid gear oil in the U.S.

BMW rear axles need special oil, and Germany-based LIQUI MOLY has now launched its fully-synthetic GL 5 SAE 75W-140 LS hypoid gear oil in the U.S market. LIQUI MOLY says it has developed the GL 5 SAE 75W-140 LS to give BMW rear axles the best protection.

“You cannot use common gear oil for the BMW rear axle,” Gary Boyd, sales manager at LIQUI MOLY, explained. “Due to its design, the gear in BMW rear axles is quite prone to wear, which is why BMW recommends regular gear oil changes.”
The Article features a fully synthetic base oil combined with extreme pressure additives. The developed additives make the oil capable of altering the frictional coefficient between the clutch plates in such a way as to prevent stick-slip and its consequential judder.

The high viscosity of 140 provides the gear with extra protection and ensures proper lubrication even under extreme conditions. This oil performance allows even longer oil change intervals.

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