Bosch launches updated ICON wiper blades

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Bosch launches updated ICON wiper blades

The Bosch Group has launched the second generation of its premium ICON beam wiper blade.

Bosch reports the blades last 40% longer than other premium blades, and provide a customized, precision fit on both the driver and passenger sides of the windshield for clean, quiet wiping even in extreme weather.

The new Bosch ICON’s internal tension spring arcing technology distributes uniform pressure along the entire blade to fit the curvature of the windshield and wipe the entire surface evenly. Installation is quick and easy with the ICON weather shield connector and multi-clip flexible connector system for original equipment (OE) top- and side-lock applications.

“The correct blade recommended for a specific vehicle is based on a combination of the blade length and the curvature of the windshield,” says Makoto Takatsuka, senior Article manager, wiping systems, for Bosch. 

According to Takatsuka, “By eliminating external brackets, ICON’s beam-style design provides more uniform pressure over the entire blade, greatly reducing streaking and chatter, and cleanly wiping areas that conventional and hybrid blades might miss altogether. The result is improved vision which promotes safer driving, and better overall wiping performance and durability.

“Independent test data confirms that ICON’s long-lasting, flexible fx dual rubber wiping element resists heat and ozone deterioration better than any other wiper blade. ICON maintains flexibility in all weather conditions, for the cleanest wipe over the longest performance life,” Takatsuka says. “The blade’s dual tension springs are housed in a flexible, asymmetrical aerodynamic spoiler, which significantly improves downforce on the blade to keep it hugging the windshield at highway speeds. With no external steel brackets, springs, or partitioned plastic spoilers used on hybrid blades, ICON doesn’t clog with ice and snow in winter.”

ICON is available for popular domestic, Asian and European vehicles. For more information, see the company’s website at


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