Cardone fleet vehicle brake caliper coverage

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Cardone fleet vehicle brake caliper coverage

Cardone Industries now offers brake caliper coverage for many common vehicle models used in fleets. Cardone says the brake calipers provide dependable, superior performance for passenger fleets including taxi and police vehicles.

Cardone’s fleet vehicle brake calipers are built for the extreme conditions experienced under heavy use, notes the company. Each CARDONE fleet caliper is remanufactured with new hardware, bleeder valves and silicone boots for protection during emergency stops.

Cardone’s coverage includes the following vehicles:

Left                 Right               Location          Application                             Years

18B4611HD   18B4610HD   Front               Ford Crown Victoria              1995-1997

18B4627HD   18B4626HD   Rear                 Chevrolet Impala/Caprice       1994-1996

18B4638HD   18B4639HD   Front               Chevrolet Impala                    2000-2005

18B4644HD   18B4645HD   Rear                 Chevrolet Impala                    2000-2010

18B4841HD   18B4840HD   Front               Ford Crown Victoria              2003-2010

18B4919HD   18B4918HD   Front               Chevrolet Tahoe                      2007-2010

18B4988HD   18B4989HD   Front               Chevrolet Impala                    2006-2010

18B5016HD   18B5017HD   Front               Dodge Charger                                   2006-2010

184298HD      184297HD      Front               GMC Yukon/Chevrolet Tahoe           1998-2000

184368HD      184368HD      Rear                 Ford Crown Victoria              1992-1995

184625HD      184624HD      Front               Chevrolet Caprice                   1994-1996

184636HD      184636HD      Rear                 Ford Crown Victoria              1996-2002

184637HD      184637HD      Rear                 Ford Crown Victoria              1996-2000

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