New OTC Brake Fluid Tester analyzes moisture content

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New OTC Brake Fluid Tester analyzes moisture content

SPX Service Solutions’ OTC brand has added the Model 4598 Brake Fluid Tester to its line of brake tools. The 4598 is designed to analyze the amount of moisture content within the vehicle's brake system.

"Moisture enters the brake system over time through condensation, permeation through rubber lines, and many other methods," says Rob Kochie, OTC Aftermarket Article manager. "Once inside, it can cause corrosion in system components such as the brake caliper pistons, causing them to freeze and require replacement.

Once the OTC 4598 Brake Fluid Tester is powered on and the metal testing probes are submerged into the brake fluid, the unit will allow technicians to easily check moisture content of brake fluid in a matter of seconds. The unit features a tri-colored LED display for easy recognition that matches the moisture content with a color chart to determine brake fluid quality.

Ergonomically designed with a universal fit, the pen style design easily fits most master cylinder fill ports, says SPX. The 4598 tester is powered by a 1.5V battery (included with purchase of tool) and automatically powers off after twelve seconds of inactivity to conserve battery life.

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