OTC resurfacing grinder cleans wheels, hubs and rotors

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OTC resurfacing grinder cleans wheels, hubs and rotors

The OTC six-inch resurfacing grinder, P/N 8330, from Bosch Automotive Service Solutions can be used to remove corrosion and debris from rotors, wheels and hubs, which helps parts fit more safely and securely.

Designed for studless wheels found on many European vehicles and all wheel centers, the grinder will work on any flat surface and is durable enough to resurface up to 400 wheels before needing replacement.

“Resurfacing grinders are great for technicians to clean worn vehicle components or vehicle wheels,” says Dirk Skogerboe, OTC Article manager. “Especially on European vehicles with studless wheels, this grinder will help clean off and create a better mating surface between wheel and rotor, reducing noise, vibration and harshness when driving and braking.”

In resurfacing rotors, wheels and hubs, an aggressive scouring pad burns through corrosion, flaking paint, dirt and other debris to clean and refinish mating components. Use of the OTC 8330 before installing wheels or performing an alignment can help reduce lateral run-out and extend the life of rotors.

“It’ll take a tech less than 30 seconds per surface to clean, and makes a world of difference in ensuring a true fit between wheels, hubs and rotors,” adds Skogerboe.

A high-impact composite body holds one six-inch replaceable abrasive grinding pad, engineered for 1500 rpm maximum speed and quickly attaches to the collet of a power tool.

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