XP engine bearings for Nissans from King Engine Bearings

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XP engine bearings for Nissans from King Engine Bearings

King Engine Bearings has introduced new rod and main bearings for Nissan engines in its XP Engine Bearings line. The bearings feature enhanced tri-metal, copper/lead construction with nickel barrier.

XP Bearings are manufactured with King's SecureBond advanced adhesion process that provides stability between the top and intermediate layers, the company notes.

King XP Engine Bearings are available for Nissan applications, including rod bearings (CR 4136XP - 17mm rod width) and main bearings (MB 5243XP) for SR20DE, SR20DET non-GTIR engines. These XP parts are available in STDX, STD, and 010. Extended sizes may become available in the future.

The XP Bearings have a .0005-inch enhanced performance Babbitt overlay for up to 30% greater load capacity than traditional bearings, says King. All King performance bearings feature greater rod bearing height that improves bearing to bore contact/heat transfer and reduces spin potential at high RPMs.

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