CS3 ‘Smart Starter’ Booster Cart has voltage spike protection

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CS3 ‘Smart Starter’ Booster Cart has voltage spike protection

Clore Automotive’s new Model CS3, a “Smart Starter” Booster Cart is for 6- and 12-volt batteries, from Christie. The CS3 incorporates a variety of safety features to protect against damage to vehicle systems during jump starting.

The company says it is the perfect booster cart for a wide variety of service environments, including fleet maintenance, auto auctions and vehicle dealerships. The CS3 features Automatic Reverse Polarity protection – when it is connected to a vehicle, it powers the output leads only when it senses a proper connection.

The CS3 also features voltage spike protection to guard electronic vehicle systems against electrical surges and spikes. The CS3 also incorporates a remote start switch to allow the operator to position themselves away from the engine compartment and vehicle battery when jump-starting.

The CS3 accommodates a Group 27 battery (not included), and features integrated automatic charging, which keeps the onboard battery at a peak charge while not in use. A separate voltmeter shows the vehicle’s battery voltage to assist technicians in identifying other starting problems.

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