CRC Motor Treatment cleans, lubricates fuel and oil

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CRC Motor Treatment cleans, lubricates fuel and oil

CRC Industries Inc., a chemical specialties manufacturer for maintenance and repair professionals, has introduced CRC Motor Treatment. CRC says the fuel and oil additive delivers a complete carbon clean-out for dramatically improved engine performance.

When added to fuel, CRC Motor Treatment cleans fuel injectors, carburetor jets, intake valves and pistons. It also lubricates upper cylinders, cures hesitation and pings and restores power and pick-up.

"For a more aggressive fuel system cleaning," says Julie Williams, marketing manager for CRC, “Motor Treatment can be added directly into the combustion chamber through a vacuum line."  

Motor Treatment removes moisture from gasoline, diesel or ethanol-blended fuels and works in all 2-cycle, 4-cycle and rotary engines. To combat the drying effect of ethanol in fuel, CRC Motor Treatment is formulated with SYN-GO Technology which leaves behind a synthetic lubricant for added protection and lubricates the upper cylinders.

When added to oil, CRC says the Motor Treatment liquefies built-up gum and varnish and releases carbon deposits. It also cleans sticky valve lifters, piston rings and PCV systems slowly, during vehicle operation, to prevent chunks of sludge from clogging oil flow.

More information on CRC MOTOR TREATMENT can be found on the company's website at

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