Portable digital tester for 12-volt batteries

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Portable digital tester for 12-volt batteries

The SOLAR BA5 digital battery tester for 12-volt batteries is now available from Clore Automotive. The tester can properly assess a wide range of battery types and features a compact design for easy usage, storage and transport.

The BA5 features an operating range of 7-15 volts and the capacity to test batteries rated from 100-1200 cold cranking amps (CCA). It offers quick assessment, providing both a numerical result and a pass/fail LED result. It is compatible with a wide range of battery types, including conventional, maintenance free, AGM, gel cell and marine starting batteries.

The BA5 is small, portable and pocket-sized, making it useful for testing batteries while out in the field. It is easy to use, guiding the operator through each testing step safely and properly, says Clore, and features reverse polarity protection and over-voltage protection.

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