Smoke Wizard leak detector meets OEM EVAP testing specs

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Smoke Wizard leak detector meets OEM EVAP testing specs

Global Leak Detection says its GLD-40 Smoke Wizard offers more key features for the latest automaker testing requirements. The advanced microprocessor manages cutting-edge pressure/vacuum-decay monitoring that meets current OEM EVAP testing specifications.

A special high resolution, easy-to-read flow meter displays even the newest .010-in. leak threshold, which the company says is an aftermarket first. The unit also includes OEM-approved UltraTraceUV smoke and dye solution, shop air or inert gas capabilities, a lighter weight design and six colors to choose from.

“All these features for the price makes Smoke Wizard the fastest growing smoke machine brand,” says John Heist, Global’s national sales manager.

Global Leak Detection, maker of the Smoke Wizard, is one of the oldest, most experienced OEM smoke machine manufacturers. It serves automakers including Audi, VW, Mazda, Kia and others.

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