Drain Plug Pro enhances oil change safety, cleanliness

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Drain Plug Pro enhances oil change safety, cleanliness

OTC, an SPX Corp. brand, has introduced its new Drain Plug Pro (P/N 5911), a simple, affordable tool designed to save time, as well as enhance safety and cleanliness, during oil change service.

"This simple but ingenious tool is designed to address common problems found in the most common automotive service in your shop-oil change," says Dirk Skogerboe, OTC Aftermarket Article Manager at SPX Service Solutions. "At operating temperature, a car's oil can easily exceed 200 degrees. The 5911 Drain Plug Pro allows anyone to perform the oil change without dripping hot oil all over themselves, dropping the drain plug in the hot oil basin and having to fish it out, and/or risk having the oil spill out all over the shop floor and having to clean it up later."

The OTC 5911 magnetically engages with the plug to prevent dropping or loss of plug. Just loosen the drain plug with a wrench and magnetically attach the Drain Plug Pro and rotate to remove. The flexible cable will permit the weight of the drain plug to fall away from the oil stream to reduce splashing.

The company says it will help keep technician's gloves cleaner too. With its flexible neck and strong magnetic end, the OTC 5911 allows any user to remove a pre-loosened oil pan drain plug-in any orientation-from any position, without dropping, and while protecting fingers and hands from hot oil stream.

Additionally, its patented design ensures a universal fit to automotive drain plugs. For more information visit

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