New Rancho Silverado/Sierra suspension system

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New Rancho Silverado/Sierra suspension system

Following Tenneco’s launch of the traditional performance suspension system for the Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500HD this spring, Rancho engineers designed another performance suspension option that relocates the truck’s torsion bars, providing a cleaner truck line by maintaining the OE location of the torsion bars.

The kit – compatible with both gas and diesel truck models – includes torsion bar relocation brackets specifically developed to provide maximum structural integrity without modifying the vehicle’s steering geometry. The new Rancho Silverado/Sierra suspension system (RS6554B) is available now at performance parts retailers nationwide.

Rancho also offers a torsion bar cross member drop suspension system (RS6564B) that was precisely engineered to provide maximum lift and travel without changing the vehicle dynamics. This kit does not include the torsion bar relocation brackets.

Both systems fit up to a 35-inch tire and provide up to 4 inches of lift over stock, the company says. Both systems include a one-piece, reinforced subframe made from high-strength, low-alloy steel. The suspension kits include tubular aft braces and Rancho CNC-machined, extended cast steering knuckles that deliver superior strength and reliability plus improved ride and handling characteristics.
Driven to match the precise standards of Rancho engineers, the Rancho Silverado/Sierra systems require no drivetrain or exhaust modifications during installation; allows for the re-use of stock wheels; and maintains the factory location of rack and pinion and factory alignment specifications.
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