Clore offers multi-tech automatic pulse charger

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Clore offers multi-tech automatic pulse charger

Clore Automotive Inc. has introduced Model MTC20612, a six- and 12-volt multi-tech diagnostic pulse charger from Christie. This fully automatic unit brings advanced micro-processor controlled charging to multiple lead acid battery types, including conventional, maintenance-free, AGM, gel cell and spiral-wound batteries.

Operation is a simple four-step process: turn on the power, select the battery type, select the battery size, and press start, says Clore. The computer does the rest, using a constant current bulk charging phase (up to 20 amps) and shifting to a pulse technique to complete the charge cycle. It then alerts you when it is finished. A series of diagnostic checks determine that the battery is accepting the charge current in a normal manner. If the battery charge characteristics are abnormal, the charge will stop and the battery fault light will go on.

The MTC20612 fits the charging needs from a wide range of battery sizes, from large 12-volt truck batteries to smaller motorcycle and ATV batteries. It also features exclusive Christie safety features that make battery charging safe for both the operator and the vehicle being charged. Voltage spike protection and automatic reverse polarity protection features prevent damage to vehicle electronics from reverse connections and electrical spikes.

For more information, see the company’s Web site at

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