Honda, Toyota applications for Carter fuel pumps

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Honda, Toyota applications for Carter fuel pumps

Federal-Mogul Corp. continues the expansion of its foreign nameplate replacement fuel pump set and module coverage with three new premium quality Carter in-tank units available for late-model Honda and Toyota applications.

The Carter Article line now includes an in-tank pump set for 2006-09 2.2-liter Honda S2000 models (#P76412) and an in-tank module assembly for 2007-08 1.5-liter Honda Fit vehicles (#P76416M). The company also offers a Carter in-tank pump set for 2006-08 Toyota RAV4 models equipped with 2.4-liter engines (#P76422).

Each Carter Article delivers factory-specified fuel pressure and flow and matches the dimensions, electrical connections and inlet/outlet locations of the original equipment units, says Federal-Mogul. The company tests every Carter fuel pump and module for proper operation before shipping.

Federal-Mogul says Carter replacement fuel pumps, sets and modules incorporate enhancements not found in the original parts. These include premium turbine pumps that are quieter, more tolerant of debris and require less power. Additional enhancements include solid silver fuel sender contacts that provide good electrical conductivity and are resistant to corrosion, and the exclusive Carter CleanScreen fuel strainer, which provides maximum filtration with reduced clogging.

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