Chevy V6 pistons from Sealed Power

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Chevy V6 pistons from Sealed Power

The new line of Sealed Power Digital Diamond Profiled (DDP) pistons now includes several additional designs engineered for Chevrolet V6 engines.

Manufactured at Federal-Mogul Corp.’s OE piston facility in South Bend, Ind., Sealed Power DDP pistons incorporate dozens of advanced features to help customers achieve new levels of engine efficiency, performance and reliability.

The DDP process maintains individual piston diameters to within 16 microns across each complete piston set, enabling engine builders to utilize uniform bore sizes for more efficient machining and improved performance, says Federal-Mogul.

Each Sealed Power DDP piston features “barreled” top and bottom skirt profiles that compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, minimize wall contact and allow the piston to “roll” rather than “slap” within the cylinder, reducing noise. This profiling technology also helps optimize the oil wedge between the skirt and wall for durability under varying loads.

In addition, these pistons feature Federal-Mogul’s exclusive Thermal Arching Compensation technology, which comprises tightly controlled ring-groove up-tilt and machining consistency to reduce oil consumption, blow-by and emissions and help extend engine life.

Piston skirts are protected by Federal-Mogul’s next-generation DUROSHIELD moly-graphite coating, which reduces friction, noise, vibration and harshness across the entire RPM range.

Chevrolet V6 pistons now available through the Sealed Power DDP line are:

#H640ACP -- 4.3L GM Cars 1985-90; 4.3L GM Trucks 1985-95; and 4.3L Mercury 1985-91

#H645ACP -- 4.3L GM Cars 1985-91; 4.3L GM Trucks 1985-91

#H699ACP -- 4.3L GM Trucks 1996-2005

Sealed Power DDT pistons are cast from Federal-Mogul’s FM 425 aluminum alloy, the same material used in some of today’s most powerful Articleion engines. Featuring 16% silicon content, this material permits tighter piston-to-wall clearances for improved sealing, increased power and reduced operating noise, the company says.

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