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Escape and Mariner nibble and wiggle

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Escape and Mariner nibble and wiggle

Some 2008-2010 Escape and Mariner vehicles may exhibit a vibration or nibble in the steering wheel while driving at 55 to 75 mph in cold ambient temperatures of 5 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The vibration/nibble may be perceived as a tire or driveshaft balance issue. A steering wheel damper has been developed to correct this condition.

1. Check and adjust tire air pressure as required.

2. Install the Rotunda Mastertech MTS-4000 analyzer or equivalent.

3. Road test the vehicle for 15 minutes and record the vibration frequency.

If the vibration goes away during the test drive, discontinue this procedure. The concern is due to temporary tire flat-spotting which is a normal tire condition.

If the vibration remains and the vibration frequency  is within the range of 27 to 33 Hz, proceed to Step 4.

If the vibration frequency is not within the range of 27 to 33 Hz, do not continue with this procedure. Follow normal WSM diagnostics.

4. Install a revised steering wheel damper.

5. Remove the steering wheel.

6. Remove the trim cover from the rear of the steering wheel.

7. Remove the three damper bracket screws from the steering wheel and remove the steering damper.

8. Attach the revised steering wheel damper using the existing screws.

9 .Install the steering wheel trim cover and reinstall the steering wheel.


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