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What's the buzz? Diagnosing Nissan noise

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What's the buzz? Diagnosing Nissan noise


This bulletin applies to 2004-2008 Maxima (A34), 2004-2006 Altima (L31 with VQ35 engine) and 2004-2009 Quest (V42).

The issue involves a high frequency buzzing/whining noise coming from the secondary timing chain system. The noise should increase in frequency with engine speed. If the noise does not increase with engine rpm, the timing chain system may not be the cause.  Refer to the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) for further diagnosis.

1. Replace both secondary timing chains and both secondary timing chain tensioner shoes with P/N 13097-ZK01C.

2. Change the engine oil and filter.

3. Write down all radio station presets.

4. Disconnect both battery cables (negative cable first).

5. Remove the secondary timing chains (refer to the ESM as needed).

6. Use the chain tensioner pins from Tool Kit J-50246 to hold all 3 chain tensioner plungers. The primary timing chain will be reused. If the original markings are not legible, it is recommended to mark this chain to all 3 sprockets with “white-out” or other suitable marker before removing.

7. Remove the secondary timing chain tensioner shoes by evenly prying with a couple of pocket screwdrivers. Leave the pins from Tool Kit J-50246 in each tensioner until the timing chains are installed.

8. Install the new shoes to the tensioners with Tool J-50246.

9. Tighten the bolt until the shoe is fully seated. Be careful not to overtighten the bolt.

10. Install the new secondary timing chains (refer to ESM as needed).

11. Reassemble the rest of the engine. Make sure that all 3 pins are removed before installing the front cover.

12. Install the battery cables (negative cable last).

13. Re-program the radio presets, and reset/initialize all applied systems (power windows, clock, sunroof, etc.).


ITEM                                               P/N                             QTY

Engine oil filter                             15208-65F0C               1

Oil pan extension front seal       11121-7Y000               1

Drain plug washer                       11026-01M02               1

Secondary timing chain              13028-ZK01C               2

Tensioner shoe                            13097-ZK01C               2

O-ring, front cover                         15066-2Y510                2

O-ring, front cover                         15066-5E510                2

Crankshaft seal                            13510-7Y000                1

Left side rocker cover gasket     13270-EA21A                1

Right side rocker cover gasket  13270-EA20A                1

VTC solenoid gaskets                 23797-ZA000                 2

ThreeBond 1217F                        999MP-1217FPP           2


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