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Chevy Cobalt won't shift

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Chevy Cobalt won't shift

In some cases, customers may complain about difficulty in shifting or being unable to select all gears with 2008-2010 Chevy Cobalt equipped with the RPO MU3 manual transmission.

This condition may be caused by a locator pin left in place that was meant to be removed at the assembly plant, or because of a shift cable being out of position.

Inspect the transmission and shift linkage. If the locator pin is still in place, remove the pin and discard. Re-test the transmission.  If the pin is not found, inspect the shift cables for proper seating in the cable bracket. If the cables are out of the bracket, reseat the cables and test for operation. If neither conditions are found, follow the SI to properly diagnose the transmission shifting concern. Also reference the latest version of PIC4992 to aid in hard-to-shift concerns.


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