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Gurgling Camaro SS

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Gurgling Camaro SS

Some owners of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS (equipped with the LS3 engine) may complain of a gurgle-type noise coming from the instrument panel/heater core area.

The cause may be traced to coolant flow within the heater core. The correction involves installing a one-way flow valve GM P/N 10188036) into the inlet heater hose using the following procedure:

1. Drain the coolant.

2. Remove the engine cover.

3. Reposition the heater inlet and outlet front hose assembly clamps using J38185 pliers.

4. Disconnect the heater inlet and outlet front hose assembly quick-connect fittings.

5. Remove the heater inlet and outlet front hose assembly.

6. Cut the rubber sleeve that wraps around the inlet and outlet heater hose assembly.

7. Centrally locate the one-way valve in the straight section of the inlet heater hose and mark the hose section to be removed.

8. Cut out the marked section and slide the two clamps (GM P/N 01470030) onto the newly-cut hose ends.

9. Orient the valve with the stamped arrow on the valve pointing towards the quick connect fitting end and install the valve. Secure with the new hose clamps. Position the clamps so the housings and straps do not contact the other hose. Tighten the clamps to a value of 26 lb-in.

10. Secure the valve to the outlet hose sing two plastic tie straps, GM 12337820 or equivalent. DO NOT overtighten the tie straps. Crushing the heater outlet hose will restrict coolant flow.

11. Install the heater inlet and outlet hose front assembly.

12. Refill the coolant (refer to the Cooling System Draining and Filling procedure in the service manual. Install the engine cover. According to Chevy, the procedure takes about an hour.

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