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Volvo a-knocking?

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Volvo a-knocking?

Customers may complain of a knocking noise from the front suspension. This affects 2007-2009 S80 Type 124, 2008-2009 V70 Type 135 and 2008-2009 XC70 Type 136 vehicles. The noise can occur when turning, accelerating, braking or during side-loading. Apparently the noise is caused by movement of the bushing in the subframe bushing tube.

The customer may also complain of a groaning noise from the front suspension, especially when turning or driving over a speed bump. The root cause may be a rubbing conflict between the front subframe rear bushing and the support plate.

First perform a basic check to isolate the location of the noise. If possible, use a chassis ear tool kit.

If a hard knocking noise can be heard from the rear subframe bushings, disconnect both sides of the front anti-roll bar links. If the noise is gone, it indicates that the noise could be coming from the front subframe’s rear bushings. Use a pry bar to move the subframe and listen for the noise. If the knocking noise goes away, replace the subframe rear bushings.

If the bushings show signs of wear, or if the cause of the problem is that the bushing is not in the correct position in the subframe metal tube, replace the subframe bushings according to VIDA, RTJ20261. The new subframe bushings will feature a different interface with the support plate.

Replacing the subframe bushings for a knocking noise only applies to vehicles up to the chassis numbers listed as follows:

Model                  Type              Model year                       Chassis range

S80                         124              2007-2008                         -077517

V70                         135              2008-2009                        -047660

XC70                      136              2008-2009                        -034274

For groaning noise, this includes chassis numbers as follows:

Model                   Type               Model year                        Chassis range

S80                        124                 2007-2009                           -100326

V70                        135                 2008-2009                           -093656

XC70                     136                 2008-2009                           -060491

When installing new bushings, apply epoxy adhesive between the subframe and the bushing. Recommended epoxy glue is as follows:

Volvo P/N 9511027,  3M DP8005 epoxy adhesive

Volvo P/N 9512950 glue gun kit

Volvo P/N 1161730 nozzle for glue gun kit

NOTE: There is a “best before” date on the glue container label. Do not use the glue after this date. The Volvo epoxy glue has a working time of 3 minutes. Do not allow the glue to harden on tools or other surfaces not intended to be glued. It is important to allow the glue to set properly before the subframe is installed to the vehicle. Be sure to follow the instructions listed on the glue tube.

An alternative epoxy glue is LORD 305 epoxy glue. This glue features a working time of one to two hours.

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