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Cracked Subaru ABS control unit cover

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Cracked Subaru ABS control unit cover

Certain 2010 Legacy and Outback models may have been produced with a plastic cover on the ABS control unit that may have been cracked during manufacturing.

The ABS electronic control unit is an integrated part of the brake hydraulic unit located in the engine compartment. If the cover is cracked and the electronic control unit is exposed to water, particularly from a high pressure source such as a garden hose or pressure washer, water can enter the unit and potentially cause a short circuit. If this occurs, the unit will enter a “failsafe” mode and the ABS warning light will illuminate. When the warning light is on, the ABS function shuts down (but conventional braking will continue to operate normally). If cracks are found, the ABS hydraulic unit must be replaced.

Potentially affected vehicles include 2010 Legacy from VIN A*210001 to A*239946, and 2010 Outback from VIN A*310001 to A*366684.

The replacement ABS hydraulic unit is available under P/N 27596AJ00D26.

Using a flashlight and mirror with a long grip, inspect the hydraulic unit electronic module cover carefully, checking for cracks on the upper and lower side of the unit. Inspect carefully, since cracks may be very slight.




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