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Loose nut causing popping Honda?

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Loose nut causing popping Honda?

This bulletin applies to the 2011 Honda Odyssey. If a dull popping, knocking or creaking sound is heard at the front of the vehicle during low-speed turning, the probable cause involves the bump stop contacting the front damper body, or the damper shaft self-locking nut is loose.

Apply Shin-Etsu grease around the top of both front dampers, and re-torque the damper shaft self-locking nuts.

Raise the vehicle on a lift and allow the front dampers to fully extend. Lift up the damper dust covers to expose the damper body.

Apply a small amount (about 0.5 gram, or about one-half the size of a dime) of Shin-Etsu grease fully around the top of the damper body. NOTE: Do not grease the damper shaft.

Reinstall the damper dust covers. The bottom of the dust cover hooks onto the tabs at the base of the damper body.

Next, remove the cowl top wiper covers and remove the windshield wiper arms. Detach the clips that secure the cowl cover.

Release the hooks of the cowl cover by pulling the cowl cover forward. Pull out the cowl cover from between the front fender and the windshield side trim.

Re-torque both front damper self-locking nuts to a value of 42 ft.-lbs.(57 Nm).

Push the cowl cover in, between the front fender and windshield side trim. Reconnect the hooks of the cowl cover by pushing the cowl cover rearward.

Reinstall the clips securing the cowl cover, and reinstall the wiper arms and nuts. Reinstall the cowl top wiper covers.


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