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Not well adjusted: Hyundai neutral switch

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Not well adjusted: Hyundai neutral switch

An improperly adjusted neutral start switch (inhibitor switch) may result in a no-start condition in neutral or park, and may display DTCs P0707 (transmission range sensor circuit – low input), or P0708 (transmission range sensor circuit – high input).

This applies to the 2009 Genesis 3.8L V6 vehicle.


1. Move the shift lever to the “N” position.

2. Attach GDS and select vehicle, “A/T,” “Current Data” and “Select Lever Switch.”

3. Insert a 5 mm-diameter bolt to align the select lever.

If the bolt fits, go to Step 4 and check the neutral start switch connector for a loose/bent pin or open circuit in the harness. If OK, replace the neutral start switch and torque the manual shaft bolt to a value of 4 to 6 ft.-lbs.

If the bolt does not fit, loosen the adjusting nut on the shift cable and install the 5mm bolt. Go to Step 4.

4. Loosen the adjusting bolt to the neutral start switch.

5. Install the adjustment tool AISIN # 09452-3M400.

6. Rotate the neutral start switch to align the marks on the tool and the neutral start switch.

7. Tighten the adjusting bolt and torque to 7 to 12 ft.-lbs.

8. Remove the adjusting tool.

9. Tighten the nut on the shift cable.

10. Attach GDS and select vehicle, “A/T,” “Current Data” and “Select Lever Switch.”

11., Move the shift lever to P, R, N and D. Monitor “Select Lever Switch” and confirm the GDS reads correctly.

12. Test drive the vehicle for two key-on, key-off drive cycles. If DTC P0707 or P0708 do not re-occur, return the vehicle to the customer.

PART NO.               DESCRIPTION                    AVAILABLE FROM

09452-3M400            Adjusting tool                  Kent Moore (800-345-2233)

46204-3C000            Neutral start switch            Hyundai Parts Depot


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