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Hyundai oil pump replacement

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Hyundai oil pump replacement

Hyundai offers guidelines regarding engine oil pump replacement during engine repair. This includes all models.

NOTE: A new or remanufactured long-block assembly is shipped with a new oil pump already installed. New or remanufactured short-block assemblies are not shipped with a new oil pump (the oil pump must be ordered separately).

1. If a short-block replacement has been determined as the repair action with any of the following conditions, always replace the oil pump with a new pump:

  a. Low or no oil pressure.

  b. Excessive metallic/foreign debris found inside the oil pan or pickup screen.

  c. Continuous engine knocking noise (after isolating the accessory drive such as power steering, A/C compressor, water pump, etc.).

  d. Engine friction damage such as piston/cylinder wall scuffing, main/rod bearing/journal scuffing, overly worn thrust bearing, or seizing of rotating components.

  e. Engine overheat caused by internal engine damage.

If a short-block replacement is not required and none of the above conditions have been found, refer to the following inspection points of the engine oil pump prior to re-use of the original pump:

  a. Turn the oil pump by hand (rotor/sprocket) to confirm that it rotates freely without much resistance. Replace if internal binding is present.

  b. Visually inspect the condition of the front main oil seal in the pump (for engines using a front case assembly oil pump) for wear, tear or leaks. Replace the front main seal if necessary. Note: if the front main seal is found partially pushed out from the front case assembly, check for excessive crankshaft thrust endplay.

  c. Visually inspect and clean the oil pickup screen. Replace if damaged.

  d. For engines using front case assembly oil pumps, inspect and re-tighten the machine screw fasteners of the oil pump cover. Also, inspect the connection between the front case assembly and the oil screen assembly. Replace the oil screen gasket if necessary. Re-tighten (if necessary) the bolt fasteners of the oil pickup screen.

NOTE: Proper sealing of the oil pump cover and the oil pickup screen to the oil pump front case body is important for proper oil pressure delivery during engine operation.



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