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Repairing Volvo ABS harness

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Repairing Volvo ABS harness

P1 cars, up to and including MY2005, feature a separate ABS cable connected  between front ABS sensors and the front harness. As from MY2006 onwards, this cable is integrated in the front harness.

If on a MT 2006 (or later) P1 or 2007 and later P3, the wiring to the front ABS sensor is damaged, ABS cable P/N 30746040 can be used as a repair cable instead of replacing the complete front harness.

Affected Volvo vehicles include 2007 and later S80, 2008 and later V70, 2008 and later XC70, 2010 and later XC60, 2007 and later C30, 2006 and later C70, 2006 and later S40 and 2006 and later V50.


* Cut off the damaged portion of the original wheel speed sensor cable from the harness inside the engine bay.

* Cut off the connector at the vehicle harness end of the replacement cable as close to the end as possible.

* Install the replacement cable at the wheel speed sensor and route the cable along the original location using it as a guide.

* Find a suitable location for the splice and cut the cable accordingly.

* Splice the cables together.


Cable harness…………………P/N 30746040 (Qty 1)

Moisture-proof splice…………P/N 9130467   (Qty 2)


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