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Honda low oil indicator

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Honda low oil indicator

The MID or NAVI on 2008-2010 Accord V6 2-door with M/T, 2009-2010 Odyssey LX and EX and the 2009-2011 Ridgeline may display a check engine oil level message, and the low oil indicator be be on.

With a normal engine oil level, a “check engine oil level” message appears on the MID or the navigation screen, and the low oil pressure indicator on the instrument panel may also be on.

The probable cause is a faulty oil pressure switch, which requires switch replacement.

1. Start the engine, turn the steering wheel fully to the right, then shut the engine off.

2. Raise the vehicle on a lift and make sure it’s securely supported.

3. When servicing the Accord, remove the front subframe middle mount.

4. For easier removal of the engine oil pressure switch, disconnect the rocker arm oil pressure switch connector.

5. Disconnect the engine oil pressure switch connector and remove the switch.

6. Remove any liquid gasket from in or around the switch hole.

7. Apply a very thin layer of liquid gasket to the threads of the new switch. Install a new O-ring, install the switch, and tighten to a value of 13 lb-ft (18 Nm).

8. Reconnect the engine oil pressure switch connector and the rocker arm oil pressure switch connector.

9. If dealing with the Accord, reinstall the front subframe middle mount with new bolts, and tighten the two 10x1.25 mm side bolts to 36 lb-ft (49 Nm), and tighten the lower 12x1.25 mm bolt to 33 lb-ft (44 Nm).



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