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Nissan cold start control

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Nissan cold start control

This TSB applies to the 2009-2010 Nissan Cube. If the MIL is on and DTC P1421 is stored in the ECM, this indicates a problem with cold start control, and the ECM requires reprogramming.

Connect a battery charger to the vehicle’s battery. If the 12V battery voltage drops during reprogramming, the ECM may be damaged.

Be sure to turn off all vehicle electrical loads. If a vehicle electrical load remains on, the ECM may be damaged.

For ECM reprogramming, the C-III MUST be connected to the VI using the USB cable or the process may be interrupted, potentially damaging the ECM.

Be sure to connect the AC adapter.

On the C-III screen, look at the Part Number column (see Figure 1). If this column is blank (no part number listed), this bulletin does not apply. Close C-III and refer to ASIST for further diagnostic information.

If a part number is listed, write it on the repair order. Compare the part number that you recorded to the numbers in the Current ECM Part Number column in Table A.

If there is a match, this bulletin applies. Continue with the reprogramming procedure. Note: If there are two lines (two reprogramming options) on your C-III screen, use the one that does not have the message “Caution! Use ONLY with NTBXX-XXX.”

If there is a match, this bulletin does not apply. Close C-III and refer to ASIST for further diagnostic information.



2009 Cube     2WD MT                                                  23710-1FC6A, 1FC6B

                       2WD MT ASCD                                       23710-1FC7A, 1FC7B

                       2WD CVT ASCD                                     23710-1FJ5A, 1FJ5B

                       2WD CVT ASCD/PUSH START              23710-1FJ7A, 1FJ7B


2010 Cube   2WD MT                                                    23710-1FN0A

                     2WD MT ASCD                                         23710-1FN1A

                     2WD CVT ASCD                                       23710-1FN2A

                     2WD CVT ASCD/PUSH START                23710-1FN3A

If this bulletin applies and you have performed ECM reprogramming, the screen in Figure 2 appears when reprogramming is complete.

If the screen in Figure 2 does not display (reprogramming does not complete), refer to the ECM Reprogram Interruption Recovery General Procedure.

Be sure to erase all DTCs from all systems. During reprogramming, DTCs will set in several systems and must be erased. Test drive the vehicle for correct operation and verify that the MIL is off. If the MIL illuminates again, go back to ASSIST for further diagnostic information.


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