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Crummy in the cold

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Some 2008-2009 Ford F-Super Duty, Econoline and LCF vehicles built between 5/18/2007 and 11/1/2008, and operated in cold climates (typically –35 degrees F and below), and are equipped with a 5R110W transmission (P/N starting with 8C3P-7000, 8C2P-7000, 8E7P-7000, 9C3P-7000, 9C2P-7000 and 9E9P-7000 built without the factory installed external in-line transmission filter can experience premature low/reverse one-way clutch failure related to a lack of lubrication.

Verify the build date for F-Super Duty or E-Series vehicles built between 5/20/2007 – 11/1/2008, or LCF built between 5/20/2007 – 11/1/2008. verify that the vehicle was built without the factory installed external in-line transmission filter.

Overhaul the transmission following the Workshop Manual, Section 307-01.

While performing a transmission overhaul, replace the front pump with a P/N 9C3Z-7A103-B pump assembly. This new replacement pump assembly can be identified by the engineering part number 9C3P-7A103-AC, visibly etched on the machined front face adjacent to a bolt hole.

NOTE: Do not install the 9C3Z-7A103-B pump into a transmission that is equipped with a factory-installed external in-line transmission filter.


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