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Navigating low power on Honda Pilot

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Navigating low power on Honda Pilot

If a low power or intermittent hesitation on acceleration problem is found on a 2009 Honda Pilot (2WD from VIN 5FNYF3…9B000001 through 9B005912; 4WD from VIN 5FNYF4…9B00001 through 5FNYF4…9B016309), and one or more of the following DTCs are stored, the probable cause is the APP sensor connector lock tab is not properly securing the connector together.

  • P2122: APP (actuator pedal position sensor A) (throttle position sensor D) circuit low voltage.
  • P2127: APP sensor B (throttle position sensor E) circuit low voltage.
  • P2138: APP sensor A/B (throttle position sensor D/E) incorrect voltage correlation.
  • Also, ABS DTC 83-13 or VTM-4 DTC 77-1 may be stored.

Inspect the APP sensor connector, and if necessary, secure with a wire tie. Note: When the connector was originally connected, the plastic lock tab may not have been fully engaged. This would have caused the lock tab to set in the open position. Once the lock tab is used with a wire tie holding it in place, it will take a set in the locked position. If the connector needs to be removed for service, the wire tie can then be cut and discarded.

Firmly connect the APP sensor connector. Then pull the connector again without disconnecting the lock tab. If the connector stays connected to the APP sensor, clear any DTCs. If the connector disengages from the APP sensor, go to the repair procedure.


1. With the connector disconnected, insert a wire tie through the lock tab, starting from the wire side of the connector.

2. Fully connect the connector and pull the wire tie tight. Cut off excess wire tie.

3. Clear any DTCs.


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